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Listed here are links to the TLE files provided by AUS-CITY Satellite database:


The data is available on IPv6

ISS Vector Data Satellite Sit-Rep STS Vector Data
Complete TLE Set TLE List Set TLE More List Set
Amateur TLE Set Cubesat TLE Set DMC TLE Set
Education TLE Set Engineering TLE Set Galileo TLE Set
Geostation TLE Set Geodetic TLE Set GLO-Ops TLE Set
Globalstar TLE Set GOES TLE Set Gorizont TLE Set
GPS TLE Set Intelsat TLE Set Iridium TLE Set.txt
Military TLE Set.txt Molniya TLE Set Musicsat TLE Set
Orbcomm TLE Set Radar TLE Set Raduga TLE Set
Resource TLE Set SARsat TLE Set SBAS (WAAS) TLE Set
Science TLE Set   Stations TLE Set
TDRSS TLE Set Visual TLE Set Weather TLE Set

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Two-line elements (TLE) and all other satellite data presented and distributed via this forum and e-mail lists of Aus-City are distributed with permission from DoD/USSTRATCOM.


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